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Limbani Wires Pvt.Ltd. established in the year 2010.we have grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of wires in the state of chhattisgarh, India. State of the art fully integrated manufacturing facilities, a highly skilled technical team and stringent quality controls ensure that our products meet the highest quality benchmarks.
At Limbani Wires, we believe that the company will prosper when all are interests is aligned.

  • Clients - We are focused on innovation both in our products and services to our clients. Improving, refining and reviewing our products on a regularlevel helps us have a competitive edge.
  • Employees - We believe in fostering a work environment that is built on respect, trust and entrepreneurship. The focus on quality is ingrained in each and every employee of the organization.
  • Environment - We also aim to create an environmentally friendly business, meeting all requisite standards.
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    Limbani Wires Pvt. Ltd.

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